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2023 Scarecrow Fest

The 2023 Scarecrow Fest in Old Saybrook promises to be a delightful and engaging event that brings together the entire community in a spirit of creativity and friendly competition. This annual festival, scheduled for October, is a cherished tradition that invites families, schools, businesses, and civic organizations to participate by crafting their very own unique scarecrow creations for public display.

As the scarecrows proudly stand on display, the entire town is invited to explore, admire, and cast their votes for their favorite scarecrows. This interactive element of the festival fosters a sense of unity and encourages friendly competition as the community rallies behind their chosen creations. Voting was done online through Facebook and Google Forms.

The highlight of the Scarecrow Fest is the much-anticipated awarding announcement, where the top two scarecrows are honored for their outstanding creativity and craftsmanship, chosen by the public. The first-place winner receives the coveted Golden Broom Award. The second-place winner is awarded the Great Silver Pumpkin.


2023 Winners

First Place: Westbrook Inn, Second Place: Cardone & Daughter Automotive, Honorable Mention: William Raveis Real Estate

2023 Participating Businesses